About Mike

Entirely way too much information about me. Quite a bit more than you will ever want to read about one person. If you finish reading this, you may have too much free time on your hands!

My Mission

Creative Background

I have been a creative with a love of learning all of my life. They call it 'maker' now, and it has been wonderful recently discovering a community of like minded people online to share the journey with. 

I have been a parent since 1991 and this has been the driving force behind many of my life decisions. I have been breaking and fixing things when I was 5 years old. 

I started out computer programming on Apple II and IBM PC computers in the early 1980's. I started photography when black and white was easy to develop in the bathroom darkroom. I played chess until I could beat my computer. I played bass guitar in a band and actually got paid for a while. 

I started rebuilding car engines before I had a driver's license. I was an ASE certified auto mechanic  for about 15 years. Hands on work has a special meaning to me. This was a very fulfilling career.

In college I began to gravitate towards teaching.  I earned a Chemistry degree from Texas A&M in both Kingsville and Corpus Christi I have taught chemistry and physics in high school for 17 years. Working with children has a special place in my heart, and this is also a very fulfilling career. 

I have retired from two successful careers and am currently pivoting to an exciting 3rd chapter!

Unique Skills

Computer programming in BASIC, Fortran, and Pascal years ago. Very rusty - not competent. Currently taking an online course in programming from Harvard to brush up. 

ASE certified engine technician. You never forget this stuff. It is like riding a bike. I can often tell what is wrong with an engine by the smell when it drives by.

Media creator: amateur photographer, astrophotographer, a YouTube video creator. I use these skills mainly to share what I am up to and I would not want a job doing this full time.

Management experience. During college, I worked for two years as Veneer Department Supervisor Columbia Forest Products managing the workflow design and employee motivation. I changed the focus to weekly team goals and redesigned the workflow of the shop for optimal efficiency.

I was technology coordinator for a large educational grant. I managed the installation of over 800 computers. I also designed a website to report issues and route them to the correct technician. In addition, I was involved in meetings and discussions to keep technology goals on track with administration goals. Finally, I designed and implemented a training schedule for teachers and staff in the use of new technologies.

I was a Science Safety Coordinator, working together with district management to maintain a safe science environment and focus on limiting liability. Redesigned chemical inventory (GHS with new SDS information) and hazmat storage (coded by vendor) to follow current laws. 

I am a science teacher. I have an inquiry focus. I love discrepant events. I believe engineering and design projects are essential for students to embrace the value of failure. I would not cheat my students out of the memorable experience of solving a problem on their own. I believe in a polite environment with clear boundaries that include letting students explore science and the world.

My Vision

 I hope to combine my unique background and skill sets to create a rigorous and fascinating learning experience for kids.

I am currently involved in creative charity projects, educational consulting solutions, and online learning activities. 

I am an expert at leveraging out of the box thinking to generate creative solutions. I have a wide range of skills and innovations happen at the interfaces between skillsets.

I have been involved in creating many large and successful events and programs in both of my previous careers This has given me the background to manage expectations, resources, and timelines to bring together successful experiences.

I am always looking for creative endeavors and people to enjoy the journey with. 

Some wisdom I live by:

  • "Never let the people who say it cannot be done interrupt the ones who are doing it."
  • "Hire great people and get out of the way."
  • "And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music."
  • "If you want better answers, ask better questions!"